Mewing Before and After : Transform Your Face with These Proven Tips.

Mewing Before and After

Mewing before and after results show improvements in facial structure and breathing. With a consistent practice of proper tongue posture, individuals can see noticeable changes in their overall appearance.

Mewing is a trend that has gained attention in recent years as a natural method for improving the shape and structure of the face. This practice involves positioning the tongue against the roof of the mouth to help align the jaw and promote proper breathing.

Proponents of mewing claim it can lead to various aesthetic benefits, including sharper cheekbones, a more defined jawline, and better facial symmetry. Additionally, it may provide functional benefits, such as reducing snoring and improving overall airway health. This article will discuss mewing before and after results and the potential benefits of incorporating this technique into your daily routine.

Tip 1: Practicing Proper Tongue Posture

Mewing before and after is a hot topic these days. If you need to become more familiar with the term, mewing is a technique that involves correcting your tongue posture to enhance your facial appearance and overall health. The technique gained popularity after Dr.

John Mew, a British orthodontist, introduced it to the world. Mewing before and after photos reveal remarkable improvements in facial structure and confidence levels. This blog post will discuss tip 1: practicing proper tongue posture. Let’s dive in!

Steps To Correct Your Tongue Posture

Proper tongue posture can work wonders for your facial structure. It can help to improve your breathing, reduce snoring, and enhance your oral health. Here are some essential steps that you should follow to achieve proper tongue posture:

  • Keep the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, right behind your front teeth.
  • Make sure your tongue touches the back of your front teeth.
  • Keep your mouth closed, but don’t clench your teeth.
  • Breathe through your nose and not your mouth.

Following these steps can be difficult at first, but it will become a habit and feel natural with time.

Benefits Of Proper Tongue Posture

Now that you know the essential steps to achieve proper tongue posture, let’s discuss the benefits of mewing before and after:

  • Improved facial structure: Proper tongue posture can help to enhance your facial structure. With time, you may notice an improvement in your jawline, cheekbones, and overall facial symmetry.
  • Better oral health: Mewing can prevent dental crowding by creating enough space for teeth to grow. It can also aid in the growth and development of your jaw, leading to a more natural bite.
  • Reduced snoring: Mewing before and after can also help to reduce snoring and promote better sleep.

Mewing before and after is a game-changer in enhancing your facial appearance and overall health. By correcting your tongue posture, you can experience fantastic results. Start following these simple steps today and make mewing a daily habit!

Frequently Asked Questions For Mewing Before And After

What Is Mewing?

Mewing is a technique that involves positioning your tongue at the roof of your mouth to improve facial structure and breathing. The technique aims to correct improper tongue placement, which can lead to dental and facial issues.

Is Mewing Effective?

While insufficient scientific evidence supports its effectiveness, there are anecdotal claims that mewing can improve facial structure, breathing, and overall health. Additionally, proper tongue posture is beneficial to oral health.

What Are The Benefits Of Mewing?

Mewing can lead to a more defined jawline, improved facial symmetry, better breathing, and even relief from conditions such as sleep apnea. Additionally, it can improve confidence, speech, and overall oral health.

Can Anyone Learn To Mew?

Yes, anyone can learn from me with proper instruction and practice. It may take time to develop proper tongue posture, and individuals with certain conditions, such as tongue ties, may require additional assistance.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Mewing?

Results may vary depending on individual factors such as age, genetics, and dedication to the technique. However, some individuals have reported noticeable results within several months of consistent mewing practice.


As we come to the end of this article, it is clear that mewing has the potential to impact facial structure and appearance positively. The before and after results shared by individuals who have practiced mewing are compelling and validate the effectiveness of this method.

Mewing not only helps improve facial symmetry but also has the potential to provide health benefits such as better breathing and reduction of snoring. It is important to note that results may vary, and consistency is critical when practicing mewing.

While it is not a magic solution for all facial aesthetic concerns, mewing is a natural and non-invasive technique that has garnered attention recently. With proper practice and guidance, mewing can be integrated into your daily routine as a step towards a more confident and healthier you.

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